August 2, 2008

Here A Chick Redux

The girls are growing! They are at 8-ish weeks now, losing all their baby feathers and starting to take on their adult colors. They get to go out to the orchard in the evenings and peck for bugs and grit and greens and generally exercise their independence. Last night I went down to tell them goodnight and found them huddled out under the rabbit hutch. Doing a little Dick Tracy work I found a giant cat with a tail as wide as a tree trunk lurking nearby, visions of drumsticks dancing in his head. I sent him on his way with a warning and a lecture, and a promise of a steep price to pay if I ever smelled chicken feathers on his breath. He flipped his tail at me when he got over to the other side of the fence so who knows if the lecture will stick.

I get a lot of this look now, I can see some old biddies in the making, I'll have to hop sharp to keep from getting a clucking to.

Fresh raspberries, all I can stuff in and then some
Hummingbirds and juncos
Lowered fuel prices

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