July 28, 2008

The Old Grey Mare

No, I ain't what I used to be. So I thought I'd share a not very exciting or sexy idea, but one that has made my life easier over the last 10 years or so since I started doing it. Any of you that have hand problems of any kind might consider doing it too.

You know if you have a day of sewing, you also have a day at the ironing board. There are all kinds of special irons now, but none of them take into consideration repetitive motion injury problems. Do yourself a favor. Cut yourself about 12 inches of soft cotton batting, wrap it tight around the handle of your iron and baste it on...big loopy stitches are fine, you'll just roll the seam down anyway. This one I ran two rows of fancy stitches across before I wrapped it just because I have pretty stitches on my machine. Try it! You'll Like It! Change it about once a year...they get pretty grim looking after awhile :-)

Blessings for this last Monday in July
Yoga practice.
My fragile friends appear to all be in good shape for the nonce.
Good jobs for my Rob and myself.

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