July 7, 2008

Tisket a Tasket

I love basket quilts. Period. Never met a basket block I didn't like. I also like mid-1800's reproduction fabrics; about 8 years ago I got 100 fat quarters from here for $1.00 each, beautiful fabrics that I've fondled and cossetted... I used a lot of them in my Christmas Quilt (baskets) and a top by Joined at the Hip (wonky baskets!) and now I'm using up the much smaller pile of left-over pieces in five inch baskets with stuffed appliqued handles.

I'm getting quite a stack of them and need to start thinking about a setting. I did up 8 blocks with mixed neutrals (all the handle background are mixed neutrals) to see how they'd look but now that I have lots of blocks finished I'm thinking I don't want quite so much blank space. Maybe I'll do 1 inch print cornerstones with 1 inch mixed neutrals as buffer strips between the blocks. Think? We'll see. Anyway, great mix of busy-bag carry along hand work, and machine work when I'm at home. I love quilting and everything to do with it.

Things I'm grateful for today:
The bowl of fresh radishes from the garden...already eaten.
Found strawberry hullers, have been looking for them for yonks.
How my fresh line dried towels smell.


Inger Lise in Norway said...

These baskest lokks so great. looking forward to see how you set them all up in the end.

Bizarre Quilter said...

I just ADORE these basket - the fabrics, the handles, the setting. Everything? Did you design the handles yourself? I found a UFO yesterday - 1930s baskets. I was inspired by the U.S. stamp series released last year. (A friend brought us some from over yonder). I saw them in your quilter's journals. Thanks for sharing those. I have journals or notebooks too, but they don't contain fabric swatches like yours. Good idea!
THanks for an inspiring blog.
Lorraine :)