July 24, 2008

She Who Seeks Floss

Insert image of short woman stamping foot. I want to do a candlewicking summer spread for my bed. I have the fabric, it's all stamped and ready to go...and I'll be darned if I can find any candlewicking thread in colors. I've googled my brains out. I've searched for
candlewicking floss
candlewicking yarn
candlewicking thread
and the same again with candlewick and candle wicking instead of candlewicking. I tell an untruth, I did find some gorgeous fiber in Australia, but the cost of shipping would tip my budget over backward. I've found two places in the USA that have natural/neutral floss, nope, I want color.

I've been advised to dye the neutral myself, to substitute embroidery floss, to give up and wait until candlewicking becomes a hot item again. Why don't I take that advice? Because I'm trying to duplicate the technique used in this one which was given to us by Rob's auntie Edie many years ago. It's been mended so many times it really needs to be retired. Rather than the more traditional Colonial or French knots, this one uses a running stitch with the threads snipped between each stitch. When washed the first time those threads then tuft or bloom, the fabric shrinks around the tufts and everything ends happily ever after. Except I can't find any colored floss...I need at least 1050 yards. I'm a determined little cuss, you watch, someday you'll see a blog post with the finished project and the happily ever after tale of how Sharyn found her floss.

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