July 14, 2008

I sew, therefore I pin

Let's be honest, those big magnetic pin cushions are the bee's knees. I have 3 and use them all. But there isn't much cushion about them and cushions are what I was thinking about this morning. These are four that I've made over the years...if you remember the folded star rage of the 70's you'll recognize the one in the upper left hand corner. Hokey Smokes they took a lot of fabric. Everyone raise your hand that made a folded star toilet lid cover. That wooden pin in it is a specially made tool for paper embroidery. In it's normal life it is a Lacemakers pin vise, but I had mine made with a stouter vice mechanism because I use it to punch through 4-5 layers of card stock.

Number 2, top right is a more old fashioned one made of pinked felt hearts with the top cover being blue felted wool and embroidery. Number 3, lower right is a fun to make six-petaled one held together with a button stitched to a yo-yo, and embellished with beads and a matching stick pin. I made a wad of these for a Dear Jane exchange 8-10 years ago.

The bottom left one is a well used and obvious favorite, a color wheel made from my own hand-dyed fabrics and is great for sorting needles from quilting to crewel. These are just the ones around the sewing machine area, I also have cushions at all my sewing stations around the house, in the RV, and in the car...suffice it to say, I like my cushions. If I were a collector sort of person it is probably what I'd collect. Have you got some fun ones?

Today's blessings:
To-do list: Ta-da ~ Finished!
Walking with Pembroke, my little 5 pound Pom
Fun things to anticipate in the mail box this week
Websites that offer free patterns, Thank you Sindy at FatCatPatterns


Pieceful Afternoon said...

Raising my hand - of COURSE I had folded star everything - potholders, place mats, toilet seat cover - I never got the connection the my bathroom and kitchen looked the same. LOL

For those on a hunt to use up their stash - those would be a great project as it does use a LOT of fabric. Thanks for the pincushion pictures - great memories.

Candace said...

Thank you for sharing. I just have the boring but useful magnetic ones, which I am never quite sure where to put, as I have heard that they can damage electronic machines if allowed to get too close (I wonder if that's true or an old wives tale). I have a collector's soul, so if I ever get started I will probably end up with 20. I see the ones that are swapped on the blogs, and they are adorable. Before magnetics, i had the tomatoes with the little dangle for sharpening.

Daybreak*Dawning said...

My Janome dealer said it was bosh so I've never worried about the magnets. I wonder if it's a myth that those little strawberry sharpeners sharpen :)

Pieceful Afternoon said...

The reason the magnetic pin cushions don't hurt electronic computers is that they have a chip, and not a hard drive - so I've been told