July 21, 2008

Quilt Journals

Do you keep a quilt journal? These are a few of mine. I use blank books of course, and the cover is usually from some project's left over blocks...or in the case of the blue willow one, a paper embroidery project with a critical boo-boo.
I usually name them according to my mood that January, these covers are marked Quiltsmith, Soul Craft, and Devoted To The Cloth. I'm a list maker and an item tracker, so one year I kept track of every cent I spent stitchery related. Ouch. One year I kept track of my time spent stitching. One year I pretty much devoted to a specific quilt and that journal ended up being part of the author's CD when it came out.

I carry the current year's journal with me when I travel and put business cards in with my thoughts about the quilt shops we visit. I'm a great one for tearing mouthwatering quilt images out of full color catalogs for the seeds of future quilts, or fantastic color combinations. Funny, I talk about all kinds of things going on in my world on my blogs, but I never do in my quilt journals. Guess they are sacrosanct to the holy grail of quilting~

When I look back through them for ideas or inspiration or just a kick in the (Y) to get my needle to working they do all that plus are like a good visit with an old friend. They always remember the things I thought I'd forgotten...

Monday Blessings:

Rob's radishes that are as big as carrots
How good my goat Trinity smells
Linens line dried in the summer sun


Quiltin' Jenny said...

I love your journal ideas! I have been wanting to do some sort of journal to commemorate my 40th year, but can't quite come up with the idea I want. This was a timely post (my 39th birthday was last week) and an inspirational one as well. Thanks!

Daybreak*Dawning said...

Happy 39th are just a 'pup' as my 90 year old FIL says :)

Numismatist Facts said...

Hey, nice to see you at my blog!
I don't keep a journal but I do take photos of all of my finished works.
Your journals are adorable. I also use my orphan blocks for scrapbook covers. Usually I fill up a book and then pick out a novelty fabric that matches and goes along with the contents of the book (usually two or three a year). They are colorful and unique.
We are headed to Washington in two weeks. Flying to Seattle and then going to Vancouver Island via Port Angeles. It's been years (?!) since I've been there and am looking forward to it. Lived on Whidbey Island in the 70's and still remember how beautiful it was.

Dorothy said...

Thankyou for visiting my blog, and for leaving such a lovely comment about my applique blocks. I've been busy stitching on them all afternoon.
I love your idea about journals, but I'm not sure I would be disciplined enough to keep them up!
I hope you will visit again.

Stacey said...

I love your quilt journal. So personal and full of inspiration. I gotta make one. Thanks for sharing with us.

Kirra said...

Keep up the good work.

Zarina said...

What a lovely idea - to keep a journal. New item in shopping list - a blank journal. I have newly acquired a big stash (HUGE) of fabric and I better keep track of them.