July 4, 2008

In Honor Of

Today is Independence Day in the USA so I'm sharing a little quilt I made to hang in my shop in 1998 entitled In Honor Of. Simple star and flag blocks in the border and embellished with buttons from my husband's Army uniform and buddy poppies I've bought over the course of many years.

On the right is a framed tribute I made a couple of years ago with photos of family service members, Rob's medals and one of his bravery commendations. He was a crew chief and door gunner in 'Nam and was shot down six times. I'm so honored by the gift our service people have and are giving us; the lost years out of their normal lives, their homes and family time, and for so many the ultimate sacrifice. Bless your hearts one and all. And thank you.

My blessings today:
Freedom of Speech
Freedom of Faith
Freedom of Spirit

1 comment:

Candace said...

thank you for sharing. The quilt is wonderful as is your framed tribute. My father was USN for 20 years, and I have a memory box that I had made for him, it is in my sewing room, and a prized possession. My brother was also a marine serving in Vietnam, and I'm proud of them both, and grateful to all who have protected and sacrificed for our country.