June 30, 2008

Thanks For The Memories

Years ago, my niece and nephew would come each summer and spend 2 weeks with us. We'd have great fun, and I appreciate my little sister sharing them with me. Not having kids has a gazillion benefits, but there are drawbacks. Like not having kids. I could never get Miranda too excited about sewing, although over the course of 3 summers she did finish a cross-stitch cat piece which I have framed and hanging by my sewing machine.

Kyle on the other hand liked to visit with me in the quilt room, and was quite taken with my Featherweight. So one day I helped him make his own little quilt. Paper pieced, his pick of fabrics and entirely stitched by him. We covered it with some kind of plastic and bound it with sticky copper tape used in stained glass window making.
He is a great big guy now, looking for his first job for a paycheck, (as opposed to mow the lawn because I said so work) soon to graduate from high school. Kyle, when I'm long gone to that great quilt room in the sky, you can have my featherweights...and thanks for the memories.

Monday Blessings:
A hug and a kiss from a friend
Excellent Chinese lunch w/leftovers for later
A call from and good shared laughter with a friend in Missouri.

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