June 1, 2008

Quilt Room, FlyLady, and where's the article?

I've been looking off and on since my last post for that magazine picture that set off my quilting passion 38 years ago. If I still have it, it should be in my quilt room, wouldn't you think? So far no joy...and I know what many of you are thinking. Chances of finding one piece of paper in many quilt rooms would be a hopeless task. But it shouldn't be for me. You see, I met (in the internet sense) FlyLady in 2000. This was my quilt room pre-FlyLady on any typical day. Didn't bother me, I seldom gave it a thought. I knew a lot of quilters who worked in the same environment.

But someone mentioned FlyLady on the DJRetreats list and it caught my imagination and a few days later I started the FlyLadyQuilters list. A bunch of us worked for a year, and became life-long buddies through the agonies we went through cleaning out cleaning up our homes. I gave away the list when I was properly FlyLadied and I've never looked back. I gave up a lot in that year, nothing of which I missed. But coming back to the magazine page that set off my quilting passion...a small snide voice in my mind says "you just think you didn't miss anything". Maybe I did throw it out. Time will tell, I'll keep looking, maybe it is tucked in one of my quilt journals.

But since seeing JJ's work areas triggered this blog I'll show you the same stitching area post-FlyLady. This photo is from late 2001, but the space looks much the same today. There is a container of rice by the machine because I was making rice bags today, the ironing board cover is now a celestial fabric rather than flamingos, one of the featherweights under the table has been moved to our farm, and we put in new grey carpet last year, I've worn out a couple of irons...but this is it. I can walk in, sit down and sew anytime, any day. So where did I put that magazine page??

We live in an A-frame house which has a whole slew of storage and decorating problems. Because all the outer walls look like this / \ . Believe me, I've had to be quite creative about storage and display. I'll share some of those pictures later. Are you willing to share before and after pictures? Leave me a comment so I can come see your blog :-) Right now I need to find a magazine page for my own blog premier post.

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