May 29, 2008

KalamaQuilts births a blog

I have another blog where I can scratch my wordsmithing itch, but I enjoy keeping up with friends and strangers who ply needle and thread and other creative talents, hence KalamaQuilts is born. Once again. I picked KalamaQuilts as a business name in the last century (!) when we moved to this area, it has served me well through numerous multiple streams of income as I call my quest for lucre.

What really triggered action now is JJ blogging her workspace. She was lusting for a studio, but I think she has been very clever in her adaptations. I am fortunate in this home to have a space dedicated to my quilting passion and how I've adapted it to my way of working.

  • Honesty and my UFO/AFO Coach compels me to say I have 14 unfinished and nearly finished quilt projects. I am dedicated to finishing them in this lifetime.
  • I have been on the fabric wagon since October 2001. I've used about 1/2 of my stash since then. Good thing I wasn't shopping because I inherited most of the stashes of two dear friends, lost to cancer.
  • I have been quilting since 1971 when a landlady introduced me to it by handing me a box of yo-yo's and asking me to make her a pillow. In the box was a magazine page with patchwork pillows. I was hooked.

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