April 29, 2010

Lucky Bamboo and the Art of Grief

Two years ago when I was working with my Tibetan Oracle I discovered many interesting things, one being a complete lack of the element of water in my life. Something I did to help balance that was to seek out an indoor bamboo plant for both places and work on making my pond a sanctuary.

I got to wondering this morning if the bamboo needs fertilizer, or if that wouldn't be a good idea because the plant needs to remain on the small side. Here is a good site for info on care of Lucky Bamboo which is officially Dracaena Sanderia. This plant is poisonous to pets so keep that in mind if you have a leaf chewing cat... Seeing uncared for plants in every store in the world is like seeing abandoned animals, I feel the need to save them all. I'm trying to get over that particular urge...

On the home front, yesterday afternoon on his 92 birthday FIL died, at home on his farm where he wanted to be. Rob and I had said our goodbyes when he was still conscious, so we took some time off and left the sisters to their time.  It has been an interesting experience and one we are both glad we committed to. Thank you all for sharing the journey with me. This image is one Rob took this morning as I began the second day of the thirty days of "Meditations for the Passages and Celebrations of Life", a book of vigils, by Noela N. Evans.

Thursday Thankies
The hospice staff, one and all
The kindness of Rob's employer
It isn't grey and pouring.

April 11, 2010

Thoughts on Home Hospice

There is no such thing as enough sleep.
There is no good way to talk about death to the dying.
The dying can and do refuse food and water. It's is the only thing in what remains of their life they have any control over.
Someone should have told us about mouth swabs before this.
Pop-up wipes are far better than tray wipes, speed is often of the essence.
People who can't stand on their own are Very heavy.
What to do with soiled security underwear is a big problem, before you know it you have a lot to deal with.
True colors and true hearts are all that remain.
Applesauce is a blessing.
Crystal Light is great for diabetics.
Always have a stitchers busy-bag at hand
When you run out of everything else, place head on bed and close eyes. Rest is where you find it.

Sunday Thankies
My little hens have been coming up to the house looking for me (((hugs chickens)))
Sunshine creating a walking opportunity for MIL
Lambs fleece and zinc salves
This spot, my last resort in ordering my thoughts

April 6, 2010

Chicken Toys and China Quilts

Ok...I'll have a better photo but this is my newest chicken toy for the girls. A big coffee can with 1/2" holes drilled in it, filled with sunflower seeds. They have gone mad with the fun of it. The first night when I went down to put them up for the night, they had a hole beneath the canister about two feet deep and two and a half feet wide. Kick the can, knock a few seeds out, scratch around and find them :)

I'm going to change this out for a big clear one I've got with a screw on lid, will be way more convenient than the dreaded duct tape. The blur at the end of the leg above is the kicking can effect...

back later to add: because I forgot the China Quilts part :) MIL bought a quilt made in China that she just loves but it is way too wide for her bed. So because I'm a quilter I'm going to trim four or five inches off each side, rebind it with the binding that came with the quilt. Any quilt in a storm, right? A quilter will always find a way to ply her needle.

Here at hospice manor things are changing rapidly, FIL can no longer stand or get up on his own, and has lost interest in food. Last Friday he forgot how to write his name, that was a sad day. The disconnect is what I've been expecting of course, just weird to have it be here 'already' although I've been here for two years now.

Wednesday Thankies
Medline Remedy
Little lamps