June 4, 2008


Yesterday I was pretty much confined to bed. Not so good because I have things to do places to go, but as long as I was there I made it a play day. I'm appliquéing and stuffing basket handles as part of my current project so all I had to do was grab my bags of bits and my appliqué tray and I was set to go.

This is the handiest item whether you are at a table, sitting in a chair, or like me yesterday, in bed. All you need to make your own is a mid-sized luncheon tray, 2 layers of cotton batting like Warm & Natural cut to the size of the bottom of the tray. Plus a roll of batt the length of the tray covered in a nice plain fabric. Plain fabric so you can easily see the pins and needles, cotton batt because it lasts a long time and you can use the lint roller on it occasionally. Baste the needle roll to the edge of the batting and use a few dots of glue to hold the batting to the tray. My needle roll is probably about the circumference of a quarter coin. I marked sections with a Pigma pen for quilt needles and appliqué needles. The only other thing you need is your project, thread and scissors. I've been using this about 4 years and wouldn't know what to do without it. (1 week later..I made another one on a 9X13 inch tray to keep in our RV. This time I just covered the needle roll with some bridal netting. Warm and Natural is hard to write on!)

The quilt top below the tray was made by my husband's great grandmother and passed to me by his mom about 25 years ago as a gift for saving her life! Sounds grand, all I did was find her bee sting kit and give her a shot, but it changed our relationship so I'll always be grateful for having been given the opportunity to be of service. I used very thin batt and it was so easy to quilt because most of the fabrics had been pre-softened by wear prior to their insertion into the quilt.

I have two other of Great Grandma Alloway's tops. I'll share the story of how I came to have those another day.


Pieceful Afternoon said...

I love the idea of the applique tray - I must make me one post haste. I do a lot of applique and have carried things around in those plastic zipper bags that curtains and such come in when you are lucky enough to buy them brand new. When I stitch at home I have a wooden TV tray that sits quietly by my chair - but things tend to slip and slide and roll onto the floor - and of course it is hard to take applique outdoors with me - one of my favorite places to stitch. I have thought of making a rope border around the wooden TV tray to keep things corralled - but I think the applique tray is such a better idea. I'm off to the thrift store to find a tray - I have all the other things I will need. Happy quilting to you!!!

Daybreak*Dawning said...

I'm glad it triggered an idea. I love to stitch on our back porch swing so I understand about getting things blown off. You know what we need to do is top the batt section with a layer of Glad Press and Seal. Like saran, only tacky. Let me see a picture of what you come up with! (and what would we do without ziplocks??

Anonymous said...

I love that you carefully match thread colour in applique. So do I but many people don't bother. I still remember a lady winning a first ribbon at a local fair for an applique quilt with solid dark purple stitched with huge, hunking stitches of white thread. She was so proud of it.

I love the block you're sewing here.