June 26, 2008

Bah Humbug? No Way!

What does image 1 have to do with image 2?

If you need some 'make them smile' low dollar gifts for guild exchanges, mini-groups, or just a friend who enjoys sewing now is the time to start on this idea. Keep a shoe box behind your sewing machine and every time you use up or break or decide to fling some little sewing notion or quilty bit throw it in the box rather than the trash. In a short time you will have a great selection of items. Include some of the trimmings from the cutting table and Shazam, you have the ingredients for a great gift.

Divide the bits into smallish jars, (or a gallon jar if you are only making one and go for a really big smile!) tie on a couple of selvage edges for ribbons and then all you need is the gift card. These two jars are pint sized.

Print up what you'd like to say on paper, fuse it to an appropriate fabric scrap, trim and you have a unique and lovely Scrap Buster gift card. This card says...
Enclosed: One Heirloom Quilt
Some assembly required


Pieceful Afternoon said...

Super fun idea - I love it. I'm going to give it a try. I have the perfect box to start putting "stuff and such" into for gifts. I love the card you made also. Your whole blog inspires me!!

Valerie said...

This is great! I will be doing this! How did you think of this? I love it. This is my first visit with you and I have really enjoyed it.

AverettLadyNana said...

What a cool idea to do for a challenge. Fix jars for those doing it with various scraps, embellishments, etc. that are to be incorporated in the quilt or block.

Our Bernina club does little gifts sometimes too mainly in Dec. at our yearly Christmas party. Cute idea I could do for that too. Or for favors at a guild or club meeting.

I'm going to start a box or bag for collecting stuff. Thanks so much for telling us about the idea on your blog.

GRACE said...

have you seen the jar with cotton bolls in it? says "quilt kit" on the a smile out of that one.

love your baskets and pin cushions. I have a big one, it's called the rug. used to make my DD furious when she lived at home as she always found them the hard way.

love your blog...