July 9, 2008

Ith A Mythstery To Me

I've been hearing this passed from quilter to quilter since using rotary cutters and acrylic rulers came into use..."Always use the same ruler to cut your whole project because different brands measure differently". Say what? If you've heard this, or worse, repeated it, please take all your rulers and stack them up. You'll find they are all dead on, with the exception of the corners you've shaved off the one you always square your blocks up with.

I think where the myth got it's start is the way we use the lines on the different rulers. Do we align the cut edge absolutely under the line, just a hair to the left of the line, or just a hair to the right of the line. Which lines are thick on the ruler in the middle and which are thick on the rulers on the left and right? Think about it next time you are cutting. The rulers are correct, it's we who are a bit wonky. I do swear though from personal experience that if you like all your points to match it is a good idea to do all your piecing on the same machine.'s how our eye perceives that 1/4" sweet spot.

My blessings today:
Rotary cutters and rulers...I remember when pencil and cardboard templates were the rule.
Fuzzy soda water with lemon
Ink pens in lots of colors


Darlene said...

I am gld you talked about this, Sharyn! I have always agreed with you that it is simply hogwash! I tried this myself, an inch is an inch is an inch!

floribunda said...

I'm just so glad to know that everyone else shaves the corner off their favorite ruler, too... in my case it's the 6-1/2" that's hurting the most!

Daybreak*Dawning said...

It's my 4" bias rule..that bright green on in the upper right is my new replacement. A lot easier to find too! Happy Quilting!