August 10, 2008

Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks.

I've just been to the big APNQ Pacific Northwest bi-annual quilt show in Seattle. Where I saw nary a sewing tattoo. I think there were nearly 1000 quilts, that's not a typo...1000 quilts and believe it or not I didn't take one picture, too busy gawking! Having been quilting steadily since 1970 (I'm not ancient, I started young *G*) sometimes I fall into the trap of thinking I've tried everything and I sort of tune out of the quilting world. I always return refreshed and renewed and shortly there-after find something I haven't tried yet which improves my work.

Back to the quilt show. In a big juried show we are treated to the best of the best, but even in the best there are better and not so better quilts. It's usually the detail that is the downfall and often that detail is bindings. The outer edges wobble a bit or the corners aren't sharp, or the inner binding seams make an occasional rogue jump. If you are on dial up this won't help much, but bookmark Sharon Schamber's YouTube. I don't know the woman from Adam, I have no vested interest in what she does, but she's got a great technique for doing binding. I thought mine were perfect until I watched all three 'binding the angel' tapes and I can see at least 4 different ways I can now do it better. These aren't fancy-smanchy videos, there is one camera and Sharon, but the beauty is in the details. And there are currently 59 videos she's done. Wonder what I'll learn tomorrow?

Sunday Gratitudes:

old friends and new friends
(((my computer))) what a tool for learning!
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Bizarre Quilter said...

I can't wait to look at the youtube video. Thanks for sharing. I love your Tidbits Drawer. I would like to insert one in my blog. Is it under "layout" and "insert page element"?
Loz in Oz

Numismatist Facts said...

What? I'm up in the Northwest and missed that big quilt show?

Sharyn said...

Go to your Blogger Dashboard
Click on Layouts
Click on Add Page Element
When you see the pop-up you now have two choices;
you can add a link list, 4th one down on the right
Or you can use their new feature "Blog List"
That is what I currently have because it shows me when one of my favorites has a new post.
There are a number of sub-options with Blog List, I would suggest keeping them to a minimum so your page stays clean looking.

Dead or old news are blog link killers, so remove links every month or so that don't post fresh content. People won't follow your links if they aren't fresh :-)

thanks for visiting, Sharyn

Bizarre Quilter said...

This old dog is learning new tricks... I have only been blogging a few weeks, and already the name "page element" has changed to "gadget"!!

Thank you.
Loz in Oz

Anonymous said...

I've got that book on fancy bindings, "A Fine Finish: New Bindings for Award-Winning Quilts" by Cody Mazuran, but I like to do it the old way. I use cross grain 1.5-inch binding (strips stitched together on an angle) and I don't double it like they say to do. Are you scandalized? I do a mock miter for the corners and use a fine appliqué stitch to tack the binding down.

It also takes me too long to download You Tube stuff and Bell Canada charges extra for "bandwidth" these days. I never get to see the good stuff. Rats.

Beth said...

I've been singing the praises of Sharon Schamber's videos since learning so much from her basting series. In a house with furry critters and a toddler basting on the floor is not good!