August 3, 2008

Back Basketing

Ok, five different layouts for my five inch baskets from 1800's reproduction fabrics.

#1 is on point with side triangles of mixed neutrals, this was my original thought. The basket handle backgrounds are also mixed neutrals.

#2. Baskets on square, nothing between

#3. Baskets on point, nothing between. While there is light and dark play, to me the point of the baskets are lost, it is just fabric squares alternated with squares with an interesting squiggly effect. Every one of the appliqué handle squares takes about 1-1/2 hours. That's too much time invested for 'just a squiggly' effect.

#4. Baskets on square with 1 inch cornerstones and sashing. If I use these waste cornerstones they will actually end up being 1/2 inch corners and sashing. Pretty narrow, but surely not something you'd see every day...

#5. Same as above, only on-point setting. I like on-point blocks but in the case of these baskets they are only marginally more interesting as the basket handles look the same in either setting.

Sunday blessings:
My working wall
A leisurely cuppa coffee
Not a blessing: trying to get multiple pictures on blogger plus words, and not look like an idiot. What a PITA. This looks great in draft form, like carpola published.


Jo said...

I really like the ones with the cornerstones added; the on point one is my favorite of all. Very cool handles!

Anonymous said...

I like #8 myself.

Just sewing the binding on my doll quilt, I'm in the quilt zone!

Sharyn said...

Good morning Jo and JJ, I'm favoring #10 but it's early days to decide. Thanks for giving me your opinions I appreciate it. Sharyn