August 27, 2008

Thread storage in an A-Frame

I live in a A-Frame house. I love it because it is different and that suits me, but think about the shape of the walls for a minute... All of the outer walls are angled like / or \. The walls that form the inside structure at the center of the house are straight, but we have a lot of bookcases and it didn't take long to run out of wall space.

In my quilt room storage space was of particular concern because sewists have a lot of small bits that need to be handy. Something that is tucked away in the back of a closet might as well still be at the store for all the use we will get out of it. So here is my solution for my 100% cotton thread.

We literally framed it with varnished oak strips 1-3/4" deep by 3/4" thick in a narrow area between the two closets. I think thread is beautiful and I enjoy seeing all the colors there and it's never a problem knowing what thread might need to be restocked, I can see at a glance. If you were really handy you could put a glass front or door on it for dust; what I did was get an 1/8 of a yard of the light plastic that is sold on big rolls at fabric stores. I cut it down into strips and wrapped each spool. Those cling strips are expensive at the quilt stores, dirt cheap if you make your own and it really doesn't take any time at all.

If you have sheet rock walls you can actually cut out the sheet rock between two 2x4's (beware of wiring and stay from knee to eyeball height so you don't interfere with wires running across the top or bottom of the space) and make inset shelves. I did that when we put in my office. I'll show my 'hanging out' system next.

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Numismatist Facts said...


Beth said...

Love this idea -- now how do you store your bobbins!?!

Bizarre Quilter said...

Oh1 I love it! blue doesn't clash with blue and green doesn't clash with green.. and when you group different shades or tones of a colour together, don't they look fabulous?? I must post a picture of a silk embroidery thread stall I saw in Morocco.

Candace said...

It's not just storage, it's wall art. It looks beautiful. I wonder if Glad's press and seal would work, too?