August 8, 2008

Tats anyone?

Last night when I was combing Google images trying to find some pictures of my old long gone sewing machines I ran across this machine tattoo.

Later I was reading some information on Karen McTavish the long arm quilter and unearthed this beautiful feather motif. She's got one on both arms.

So this morning I Goggled some more, and found this temporary tattoo 'Born To Quilt' at Block Party

Here is a Prim one for the folky quilters
From graphics by Sheryl's Originals

Don't Quit Your Day Job offers this bird spool and needle...

Who knew? I don't want a tattoo, I've seen what they look like 30 years down the road on fat old women...but it sure is a fun subject to explore!

Friday Blessings:
Going to the APNQ show this weekend
Kindling for the winter fires is nearly finished
A good night's sleep, quite a rarity

1 comment:

Bizarre Quilter said...

OMG!! That is extraordinary! I had never thought to get a qulting tattoo... LOL!!! I guess they are pretty passionate about patchwork - I know it has changed and shaped my life.. just not my skin!