August 13, 2008

Frog Stitching

It comes to all of us; if we sew, eventually we must unsew. I have two seam rippers, probably a record of some sort, because most stitchers have multiple rippers. The aqua handled one I've had since ?1965? as a guess. It was on the supply list for my first machine sewing class. How it's managed to not get lost is a mystery to me. It has been relegated to special duty, I use it to take buttons off of worn out clothes.

My real workhorse seam ripper is a palm size 4" X 1.5" Wahl battery operated trimmer I picked up years ago at Sally Beauty Supply. They were $11.00 then. if they still carry them who knows what the price is now, but I expect any small trimmer will work. If you've got one of those torture devices marketed as Epi Lady try it, it might work fine. Separate the two pieces of fabric so you can see the first thread in the seam and then just lightly lay the running clipper blades on the seam thread. Don't Push, let the clipper do the work, you can unsew a mile of stitches in zip time. Added benefit is one side of the fabric will have one long thread you can pull away, the loops on the other side are nearly non-existent.

Gratitudes for the day:

My bone china Under Gardener coffee mug
My new sewing machine fits in the table recess where the old machine was (that is more along the lines of a miracle...)
On-line friends of long standing


Pieceful Afternoon said...

I have my old seam ripper from the first day of Home-Ec class in high school. It is bulky and dull, but I still keep it around. It might be good for taking buttons off things. I have a sleek new one that is sharp as a razor and really does quick work of those pesky seams that need to come apart. It is shaped like the original one (like your old one), I just insert it between the two pieces of fabric and gently push - and it whisks its way down that seam in no time - leaving one long thread like your trimmer does. I just don't let the old seam ripper see me using it - don't want it to be jealous or think it has been replaced. :-)

Elaine Adair said...

Great Suggestion, Sharon. I have long used my little rotary cutter for unsewing - same technique ... just touching the thread, while pulling the seam apart. That old seam ripper just takes too much time, although I will agree it has it's place. In more than 20 years, I've only slipped a snibble 2 times, both unnoticeable. when using my rotary cutter.

Sharyn said...

slipped a snibble
Laughing till the tears squirt...say that fast 3 times...sounds like me when my back acts up, I think I'll try it out on the doctor one of these days :-)
thanks for stopping by ladies. Taking a break from the quilt room, I think it must be 110 degrees in there all of a sudden. I'm working on new setting possibilities for those pesky baskets.

Bizarre Quilter said...

OMG!! There is a reason to buy an epilady from "Crime Converters" (my name for the Cash Converters chain stores that are basically big pawn shops). I always wondered why anyone would want to buy a 2nd hand bikini weeder!!