August 14, 2008

Colonial Knot Stitch or How Not To Be A Klutz

Remember back a week or so ago I was looking for colored Candlewicking thread? That seems a doomed quest so I've been experimenting today with embroidery floss. My first lesson learned is my stamped work is stamped too close together to do the blooming technique I wanted, as I need to be able to snip between each dot and let the thread bloom in the wash.

So I'm going with my second choice, a Colonial Knot. I looked at a couple of explanation sites with diagrams and my mind just would not grasp the instructions; further Googling found this wonderful place Needle'nThread ~ What a delightful resource, she has a complete video library of embroidery stitches that you can play over and over (ahem) until you get it. What an amazing tool our computers are. Twenty years ago I felt so disconnected from other quilters, today in my inbox is a treasure trove of mail from quilters all over the world I could ask for help or share a discovery with. Like this one... And I have several dozen perfect colonial knots on my sample piece to prove it.

Midweek Blessings:
Digital Cameras
Energy Star Washing Machines


Bizarre Quilter said...

Some of my friends purchase candlewicking thread in colours -but we are in Australia. How desperate are you for coloured thread?
Loz in Oz

Sharyn said...

Australia was the only place I was able to find any Loz, but the posting would be quite high. What I've decided to do is use DMC #5. It is a fairly heavy embroidery thread and I think it will give the blocks the oomph I'm looking for. It's something I inherited from a dear friend so that will make it special to use also. Thanks for stopping by, Sharyn

Bizarre Quilter said...

There's nothing better than using something you already have to add a little spark, especially when it reminds you of someone. :)
Loz in Oz