August 19, 2008

I Think I'm Getting Closer

What would I do without a working wall? It is the major player in my think tank. Not too sure about the square in the center of the blocks that now make up the feet of the baskets, that space looks weird when I pull them off. This setting looks far better than any of those posted previously though.

I made my working wall out of the entire west wall in my quilt room. I bought acoustical tiles (those white tiles you see on the ceiling of every classroom and café) and glued them to the wall which makes it a pinable surface and then covered the tiles with flannel. I love it and it has certainly improved the visual quality of my work. Oddly enough, I am not able to find any of these tiles in the home improvement stores any longer, I've been looking for some to make the same type of working wall in our RV.

Midweek blessings:
Light bulbs


Carole said...

I didn't the use of a designer wall until I went to Ricky Tims Super seminar. It sure beats working on the floor or having to police you set up, ensure no "pets" mess it up! Have fun!

Bizarre Quilter said...

I can't wait to have a design wall! I know it helps to have designs sitting there to mull over when you walk past. Instead, I set it up, shoot with the digital camera, and review them.

Loz in Oz

Bizarre Quilter said...

p.s. I didn't see the triangles as basket feet, but separate blocks as the cornerstones. Very creative. Very effective.