August 17, 2008

Snippets Anyone?

Anyone care to guess the size of this piece?
It is is late afternoon in an adobe courtyard. To me it was a throw-away item of little value; I was really just experimenting with my hand dyes. I gave it to my friend Elle and she had it framed and what a difference it made.

I had her take a picture of it awhile back to help me remember that until a piece if finished we shouldn't judge it. It might just be spectacular, or it might be a spectacular failure but if we invest the time in something we owe it to ourselves to finish what we started, otherwise our time has no value at all.

If you have a complicated scene you'd like to turn into a quilt but don't want to piece it I'd highly recommend this technique; it's way fun and it's fast, how can you beat that?

Sunday Gratitudes:
My in-laws
Two flat tires, both right at destination rather than on the freeway
A cool breeze


Bizarre Quilter said...

Oh, I love this Sharyn. Is it just bigger than a postcard? Maybe A5 size (half of A4, which is similar to foolscap or US letter). Did you make it from your own photo? Where did you go? Ooh yes, this technique would contribute nicely to my eventual wall of minis.
Loz in Oz

Numismatist Facts said...

Some of my favorite finished quilts were once tops that I disliked. Also, it never ceases to amaze me at the choices people make when I lay out three or four and ask them to pick one to take home. It's never the one I expected them to take.

So how big is it?

Quiltsmiles said...

A beautiful snippet artwork. It reminds me a little of a famous artist from europe who always seems to make the painting shimmer a little. Paul Cezanne, that's his name. (While posting, I couldn't remember,so was only going to say famous, but finally was able to retrieve his name! LOL) Nicely done, I'm sure your friend loves it.

Jane, An Adirondack Quilter