August 5, 2008

Baby, It's Hot Outside~

Thanks for the suggestions about the baskets settings below, I've gotten some great insight both here and in my email in-box. In a few weeks I'll see what you all think about new choices.

The first week of August is typically the hottest week of the year here. Over 100 degrees isn't that common in the Pacific Northwest USA but we do get them. The current record for the first week of August is 107. So today's 90 degrees isn't worth fussing about except I'm too warm to sit under a quilt. But I love working with fabric and my quilt room is such a sanctuary for this is what I did today.

I'm working up a quilting alcove in our 5th Wheel RV we have parked up at our farm. I use the starch and press method of preparing appliqué and if I don't put down a piece of scrap muslin pretty soon my ironing board looks like to top of the photo. So I dug around in my stash pile inherited from a friend (so she can be quilting with me) and cut a piece of fabric about 3" bigger than the board, flipped the board over on it and ran a big basting stitch around the fabric edges, cinched it up, and eureka, Houston we have lift-off. A lovely fresh ironing board cover. You could staple the fabric down also, but you need the strength of Samson...

This is done in Rustic Meadows from RJR Fabrics. It looks like the morning sun coming through the trees outside the window of my quilt room. A great pick me up, some stash busted and enjoyed, and it will look great in the RV. This particular ironing board is one of those pressboard ones, made to be set up in small places. I cut the angled part off, leaving it about 12"X14". Treat yourself to a fresh cover, you are worth it. If you click on the blog photos they come up in a new page much larger.

Today's Blessings:
Snagging an emergency opening at the doctor's for one of my clients.
Lunch with my Rob
Really good news TWO days in a row!
Life is good as my friend Val says...

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