August 11, 2008

The Pain Of It All

Yes I did. Buy a new machine at the Seattle show that is, the Janome 6600P with the industrial/professional grade body and huge harp area. Great show price, $1200.00. What I didn't do was take my MemoryCraft 9000 to trade in. I got to thinking in the hours before we left that I'd be bananas to sell that machine, it is absolute perfection except for machine quilting big quilts. So I made the decision to sell my two featherweights instead.

I got the celery one out this morning and photographed it...uuummmm, the special smell when you open a sweet clean featherweight case, who could describe it? I'll bring the black one home from the farm this weekend and do the same with it. It will be a wrench to let them go, but hey, I'm a FlyLady graduate and what purpose is served by owning something I don't use? They will go a long way toward replacing the funds spent on the new one and in a year or so I won't even sob out loud when I think of the poor gone babies...

In the mean time I'm requiring myself to weed the entire garden before I pull the 6600P out of the box. How's that for I am woman hear me roar will power? I love to have things to look forward too...


Pieceful Afternoon said...

Wow - great purchase. I love my featherweight, and use it often, but I did get rid of two other machines that were sitting around not earning their keep - so out they went. One I gave away - it was very old (gee hope my family doesn't give me away one of these days) and sold the other. My Christmas present this past December from Don was a new Brother machine, that I adore. It does about everything but wash the dishes, and I have a little white magic box that does that for me too.

Enjoy your machine when the weeding is done.

Bizarre Quilter said...

Good on you! I've got the 6500 and I just adore it.
I am not a Flylady graduate - I've been a flybaby for about 7 years!!!
Your Jane Stickle blocks look lovely! Well done.. and handquilted! doubly well done.
Can you please describe the directions and shapes of the quilting pattern you used on it?
Loz in Oz

Sharyn said...

Pieceful, I always described my 9000 as able to do anything except milk cows, I know what you mean about your Brother. We live in wonderful sewing times!

Loz, it looks like I was inebriated when I quilted it doesn't it? Actually I quilted it from the reverse neutral side, and used Sulky gold thread. If this link works to my KalamaQuilts webshots you can click on 'larger size' and see the quilting a bit better.

Anonymous said...

Well, I wouldn't wait to open the box!!!

This looks like a lovely machine, so glad you found something suitable. I was looking at some of the projects on the Janome web site--are you going to try some embroidery. I keep meaning to do that with my Pfaff machine.

Candace said...

Congratulations, from everything I hear and read that's a dream machine. I hope you enjoy it for many many hours of happy sewing.

Yvonne said...

Congrats on your new machine! I was admiring them at the APNQ show myself. I have a wee Janome that I take on my travels and just love it! Have a great time!!!