February 2, 2009

RV and Small Space Quilting part 4

One more space tweak-ed-er in our 5th wheel RV. Call me a square peg if you will but we don't watch TV, no time and no interest. So when I bought the 5th wheel I asked the seller to take the TV out. Better them than me, those tube TV's are heavy!

Anyway that left a big wonderful space
for an ironing center to the right of the sewing machine. And you can see my little travel iron and small board fit great. I took the measurements of the space and stopped by a cabinet makers shop one day and ask if he'd cut me a board from his scraps plus four legs, he used beautiful wood and only charged me $10.00 which I thought was very reasonable for his time.

It doesn't show very well in this photo, but I also put nails in the cupboard outer facing and hung my acrylic rulers up. I was starting to put a third nail in and my Rob asked me if I'd thought that nail through...What? Think something through? He pointed out that I'd take the hide and hair off my head every time I sat down if I put a nail in that low. Bless his observant heart.

I'm off to the farm again tomorrow, and every time I step into the 5th wheel my sewing center greets me with a smile...and vice versa.

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Quilt Pixie said...

looks like a great space! I often think compact spaces make us truly think through and orgainize, which makes them much more functional than spaces that are too large and no one has ever had a plan...

Pieceful Afternoon said...

Amazing space - everything so compact. I have a big room and cant' seem to have everything ready and nearby when I need it. I need to re-organize the cutting/sewing/ironing sections I guess. I have plenty of time, as we don't watch TV either - I think that gives me extra hours a week for quilting and crafts - and tiny stars - so where are your tiny stars?

Sharyn said...

Get thee behind me...tiny stars indeed :) I only made four. One just to see, and three more to help me remember. I'll tell you one thing, they are a lot more fun than a disappearing 9 patch.

Quilt Pixie, my home quilt room is well organized too. Wasn't always that way but being a FlyLady has changed my life!
Thanks for stopping by, Sharyn