February 18, 2009

Colors of Winter

Know how a certain song will instantly transport you to a certain time and place? I think these cotton candy green and pink colors, like gorgeous marbled fabric, will always remind me of this winter.
I can't remember the last time I've used a commercial car wash because my car is one place where I'm willing to spend my hard earned cash for top of the line. I've seen what car washes do to paint finishes and strips and wipers, or used to anyway... and shuddered at the very idea of scrapes and swirls in the finish.
But this year Rob and I have both been busy, (and tired) and rather than drive a filthy car I broke down and got an $8.00 wash. Imagine my surprise to have my rear wiper slipped into a protective case, to have a prewash spray before entering the tunnel, to be lavishly bathed in this coating of soft and colorful foam, and to be encased in all sorts of different configurations of gentle lapping draping circling blue tongues dedirting my car.

And what a beautiful job! It wouldn't take long to get addicted to WashMan. In these hard times I'll save this ride for special and appreciate that somewhere someone has been building a better mouse trap.

Wednesday Thankies
Every so special yoga practice, thank you Peggy
Two little dogs who wait patiently for me to come home
One little dog who rides with and should have to help with the washer dollars...
It has been a lovely day from start to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...


The Numismatist said...

Now who else but a quilter would notice those wonderful colors and patterns? I love it!

Do you always have a camera in your car? I thought I was the only one. See, one more way we are kindred spirits!

One other thing, the last time my car got an expensive wash the "Accord" on the back came off. Back to the touchless washes for me.

Pieceful Afternoon said...

Don is addicted to the car wash - now that we've found one that doesn't leave scratches on the doors. We have a bright red car and he loves it to be clean. Ben went through the car wash for the first time the other day and said - there's an octopus washing the car!!!