February 21, 2009

Yes, I've Been Busy

I've been at our farm the last few days riding herd on my in-law's live stock while they have been sick. 'Tween times my sewing machine has been tearing along on this big stack of half-square triangles for quilt tops for Victoria's burned out families.

I started with a stack of 18" squares, stitched my double lines corner to corner, both ways, and when I started splitting them last night was astounded to discover I now had four pockets rather than four half-square triangle blocks. Those pockets needed to be split again, creating 8 half-square triangles per set of 18" squares. Cool Beans...twice the bang for my buck! I still don't understand how that worked out though...

Saturday Thankies
My Rob will be home tonight
A fun date planned for tomorrow
Fresh milk

1 comment:

Pieceful Afternoon said...

Great project - great cause. I've sent off a big stack of blocks, so glad someone can use them.