February 13, 2009

Here an Ort There an Ort Everywhere an Ort Ort

Ort \¨òrt\: noun; a snippet or leftover bit of thread, usually resulting from a voracious addiction to handcrafted needlework.

I heard the term ort early last year, it went in one ear and out the other like most things I hear... But I heard it again this week, with a photo attached to it. Well, a photo is worth a 1000 words, and here are some blogs with great ones.

Stitching Obsession

Sweet Pea (scroll down)

Dani Black Belt Stitching

If you know of any others or will share your own, give me a link, cyber photos of Ort containers would be a fun collection, one that didn't take up any room or need dusted. Like blog posts... I think this is the 100th for this blog. Off to my farm in a few minutes, y'all be good, ya hear?

Friday Thankies

Multiple streams of income

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Cindy K-K said...


I bobbinlace maker once told me a word that is in no dictionary for this same thing, ort. the word is "Shavelings" which would ryhme with Gavelings. So I use that word every week at Borders. I grab a cardboard coffee cup and walk up and down the table asking for everyone's Shavelings! (Grin)

Cindy K-K