February 25, 2009

(((Hugs Computer)))

I suppose those with wildly active and interesting social lives don't find the on-line connections as important to their daily life as I do and more power to them. But most of my adult life we have had unscheduled schedules making it really difficult to plan for dinner with friends, meeting at the beach, joining clubs and organizations... so when my first computer entered my life in 1996 an on-line social life was like a bomb going off in my heart. Yes I know real-time people may be more important but I don't know anyone that wants to play at 4 AM or go to lunch on the spur of the moment and those are the sort of times I'm free.

And suffice it to say that I've made some lasting friendships via long distance and have traveled across the country and ocean to meet some of them, and had some of them travel across the country and around the world to spend time with me. And I can say I've never met an internet friend I didn't like. Bless you all, you warm my heart and my days with your presence.

So while on the theme I thought you might like to see the precursor to our marvelous machines of today. In some circles, the clunky box shown here with two floppy disk drives and a 5-inch screen introduced in 1981 is considered the world's "first really popular portable computer," found today in the Computer History Museum. The Osborne 1 weighed 24.5 pounds, had a detachable keyboard that served as a lid, had a carrying handle and was small enough to fit under the passenger seat of an airplane. The machine also came with a bundle of software, including WordStar for word processing, SuperCalc spreadsheet, and the BASIC programming language. We've come a long way, baby.

I'm off to the farm for a few days, I'll miss you all.

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Linda said...

We first had a Tandy computer. It only worked with DOS and had a few games and my husband's Lotus 123 (?) Something like that. Anyway, it was eons ago it seems. Here we are jetsetting around the world for all kinds of information.

Thanks for leaving a comment on the blog.


Quilt Pixie said...

oooo I remember those osbornes -- ever so portable and innovative we thought :-)

Pieceful Afternoon said...

We have come a long ways - I remember our son's first computer - he and I sat at the keyboard taking turns typing in code. He'd read for a while from columns and columns of print as we typed in the code for programs he wanted to use. Now just slide the CD in - or dl the program and away we go. I love the progress.

I too find internet friendships wonderful - and they fit right into my schedule and life style. It is snowing right now - you are on your way to the farm - and yet we can stop and chat a bit - fabulous! Have fun on the farm. I'm busy staring hard at the snow - willing it to STOP!!!