January 29, 2009

More One Block Wonder Tweaking

After letting it set for 24 hours I spent another hour moving blocks around. In person this looks better, but I get better perspective when posted here. I think this has better flow through the center.

Those six pink blocks center bottom don't blend at all no matter what I put with them. But I need them to get the quilt to 12 X 14 rows. There isn't any more print fabric left

In the picture's perspective that pink top left looks overwhelming and unbalanced but it's beautiful in person.

More think time required! And don't Anyone think about sneezing. If all these blocks fell off the wall you'd hear the shriek from here where ever you are.

Edited to add on Friday morning: Karen had a good thought in comments, to move those pink ones to the lower right corner. Except that would require moving nearly every block in the quilt. That corner doesn't show up well because of my cutting table in the way and shadowing, but it is all deep burgundy and greens and does balance the top left. The only real problem with those pink ones is the background that makes them pop. Some of that will be taken up in the seams. No matter where I placed them they would pop!

Or it wouldn't be a problem at all if I reduced the quilt by one row. But its such beautiful fabric I couldn't bear it.

I worked with my reducing lens for a long time before I went to bed last night, and this morning I am still happy with the final as soon as I get back from the farm I'm going to commence sewing. I don't doubt a bit that once it is together I'll see something that I should have moved, but hey, life is short and my unfinished project list looms over my days... Thanks for the feedback ladies!

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Lady Farmer said...

Still beautiful ~ no matter how you arrange it!

Karen said...

How about moving the six pink ones to the bottom right hand corner? Put three in the last three spots of the bottom row. Then two in the last two spots of the second last row, then one in the last spot of the third last row.

Pieceful Afternoon said...

It just gets prettier and prettier. I love the colors.

I'll try not to sneeze. :-)

GRACE said...

love your sewing space setup and the way you repurpose interesting old things. is that photo of your grandmother? neat idea...

Idahospud said...

That is going to be one incredibly beautiful quilt! I am in awe . . .

Sharyn said...

Hi ladies, today I begin stitching it. Grace, no that isn't my grandma Pearl, her sewing of choice was fancy embroidery and crochet with fine thread. It is just a image I saw on the web and loved. My grandma Ruth had a treadle though, in continous use.
Thanks for stopping by, Sharyn