January 18, 2009

Yogus Interruptus

Yoga is one of the great pleasures in my life, something I expect to do and enjoy doing into old age and beyond. I've never trained my animals to be still during my practice, they just seem to know, and usually one or more cats and all three dogs will get up on the couch on their red blanket and lie quietly when they see the yoga mat come out.

I've been working through a new to me yoga DVD, Yoga Therapy Prescriptions with Laura Hawes from The DVD is divided into a good number of practices focused on a various health issues, the one I was trying today was for Anxiety. It is a good thing I was relaxed already...and happened to have my camera close. Otherwise they would have been banished from the room. Here is what happened.

Namaste Xavier and Xing-xing, you bless my days with your presence.
My little lost dogs that someone threw away in the forest...
along with about two dozen others from their puppy mill.

Sunday Thankies
Fresh Grapes Oranges Bananas
Digital cameras
The world and it's infinite variety


Ritestuff said...

The blessed little dogs have found a great home -- you are such a good person for taking them in, and making them welcome -- and they will be a blessing to you all the days of their lives.
Ant Judy & Molly McWiggles

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

So sweet, and it looks like they have no anxiety whatsoever! Cheers! Evelyn