January 26, 2009


As quilters, when we hear the word stash, our minds usually jump to fabric. How wonderful it all looks at the shops, how it feels, how it drapes, how it might blend with other fabrics, how it would look in a 2" section as opposed to a 42" section. Might it run or shrink, will it look dated in two years, will our storage space take another in-dump, can we afford it, do we need it, do we really want it, if our heart will stand the adrenalin push of just fondling it?

But, if we stop to think about it stash covers a lot of other things in our quilt room also.

  • scissors
  • rotary cutters
  • regular rulers, tape measures, rotary rulers
  • seam rippers
  • thread and bobbins
  • needles, machine and hand, needle books
  • marking tools
  • stencils
  • patterns, purchased and home printed
  • books
  • irons
  • whole lot of single specialty tools
  • straight pins, plus the magnetic holders and pin cushions. I consistently use 4 different types of straight pins...
  • basting tools and safety pins and tackers
  • quilt hoops and frames
  • lights
  • sewing baskets, tins, carry-along busy bags
  • some even have a stash of sewing machines
  • and of course, our little companions of all colors and sizes who give us encouragement each time we sit down to sew with any of the above.

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Numismatist Facts said...

You forgot chocolate!

Bizarre Quilter said...

Cute companions!
I too, like my tools. And I use them.