March 21, 2009


In our moderate climate baby lambs and calves are already scattered over the landscape. I would hesitate to call myself a farmwife...the sheer non-political correctness of it for one reason. But I was born and raised on a farm and coming full circle I now do much of the day to day work on my in-laws farm. So what do our thoughts turn to? Seeds, of course!

I've already ordered the giant tomato tree seeds for my father-in-law. He'd seen the annual ads on television and asked me to get them...I noticed last week he has already placed his five gallon buckets in the spots where he intends to grow them. He will be 91 next month and anything that gets him up and excited is OK by me.

I ran across this photograph recently when I was doing some research about women's employment options. This is a 1890 shot of the Burpee Seed Company order fulfillment area. Looks like a pretty nice place to work to me, Way healthier than the cotton mills for sure. I have a collection of Botanical catalog covers in one of my Webshots albums and sure enough...there was Burpee's 1890 issue. Synchronicity...Happy Spring, and here is to a cool wet fall for our friends Down Under.

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Spring always returns
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Grandma Shell said...

Love that Burpee's seed cover. If time could be taken "way back then" to draw something beautiful, why can't it be done now? There have to be starving artists out there that would be glad for the opportunity!

Just remember, if it weren't for the farmers and farmwives we'd all be very hungry! Sometimes I wish I could subsist on quackgrass, but I haven't made it there yet!

Have a GREAT day!

Piecefulafternoon said...

What an interesting photo. We went out and did a little "yard" stuff. Put the rhubarb in the ground - it was sprouting - now to see if the deer will leave it alone. Filled the bird feeders and looked at the pots with daffodil bulbs - saw ONE sprout. That's about it for yard work for today. But it was fun to be out in the sun for a little while - chilly - but fun.

Karen said...

That would be a fun place to work. I should get my tomato seeds planted soon. Good for your father-in-law. I get a weather report from my Dad every day. He can't wait to get in the garden.