March 7, 2009

Hank of Hair, A Piece of Bone

It has just been one of those times when there is work going on like mad and no progress to be shown...except the Ort Jar is filling with bits left from the candlewick summer spread I've been working on, I've glommed onto a little more selvage to hoard, and there are a Ton of strips and strings in my trash can, there are now 6 empty spools on the corner of my cutting table to turn into Christmas RAKs...and take note of the 8 ounce water glass and the carrot.

So maybe soon those strips will become the three tops I'm working on (well to be honest, two will be backs), the Ort Jar will be full and the summer top will be on the bed, and I'll dream up some really exciting selvage project that will bring a smile. And maybe the carrots and water will add a little push to the pound a month I've been losing for two plus years. Stay tuned...

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Karen said...

I recently started an Ort Jar. I never paid attention to the scrap threads before and now I make sure they all go in my jar. :)

Sharyn said...

I know...I have little snack ziplocks in all my busy bags now. I'm sure every where I go there is a sigh of relief, up till now you could always tell where I'd been by the tails left on the chair arms, tables, ash trays, floormats. My Ort Jar has made me a stealth quilter/
Thanks for stopping by! Sharyn

Fabric Fanatic said...

Sharyn, thanks so much for your kind comment on my blog. I'm enjoying both of your blogs too.