March 3, 2009

The Quilt Show

I'm curious what percentage of paid members resubscribe to this on-line quilt show after their first year expires. There is no way that information will be available to the general public, but having paid for a one year subscription in a weak moment I do think I'm entitled to my opinion.

And my opinion here is the same opinion I hold with any on-line membership. Only if the subscriber is very active within the member forum and built a sense of community for themselves is there any holdover value into the second year. I have a whole lot of things I don't like about this particular site and I'm thinking about requesting a refund on the balance of my subscription.

I'll think it over while I'm at work today. And maybe some of you will leave your thoughts either way. I can see some value...just not for me.

Secondary Gratitudes, because I had trouble being grateful in the first place today.
I'm extremely grateful for my health, I'll be at the cancer clinic for a couple of hours today which is always a wake up call.

I'm extremely grateful for a nice car in excellent condition. In the Pacific Northwest boondocks, if you don't have wheels you are stuck.

I'm extremely grateful for the companies I deal with that do have a listening ear, and care about their customers. I think there are more that do than don't...we're just overwhelmed by the media about the biggies who only take and take and take and 'screw the little people' is their philosophy of business and taking bail out money.


Lindah said...

Do you mean there really is someone else out there who has a less than positive response to "that show!" It seemed like such a good idea...but after the first 4 or 5 shows, I was rueing the day I spent my money on it. I'm sorry, but I find the place silly and not useful. I'll stop now.

Susan said...

I joined for Series 1 and watched every show. I joined for Series 2 and watched the first show and haven't watched anything since. I won't renew anymore. The shows aren't fabulous enough for me to sit at the computer and watch them. Doubt I will pay the cost of the DVD's either.