March 10, 2009

Left Brain Right Heart and Slinky

As the terrible windswept fires have rolled across Victoria Australia, I like many quilters thinking with their Right Hearts lept to my machine to 'make it all better'. My original plan was to make two tops and send them to my long time friend Pam in Victoria to finish and give to two of their friends, of which many have been wiped out.

As my machine hummed I began to think with my Left Brain, the analytical side. And something wasn't right with this picture.
#1, I was asking my friend Pam...without asking her first, to assume the cost of batt and backing, plus the time and energy to finish two quilts.
#2, when I checked on shipping, the cost to send approximately 12 yards of fabric to Australia was over the moon.
#3, Was this really the way to help those in need?

So I reigned in my ideas and with Pam's blessing and suggestion, I donated the price of 12 yards of fabric to Australian Red Cross. Having watched how ill-served the victims of Katrina were by all the well meant personal items contributed, this doesn't quite warm the cockles of my heart like thinking of a stranger wrapped in my time and love...but I'm sure it is a far better thing I've done.

On a lighter note and apropos of nothing at all, what child of the 50's and 60's doesn't remember using a Slinky? You probably have one sitting on your desk right now and haven't even played with it...Come on you slackers.

Tuesday Thankies
The people who put their lives on the line daily all over the world to keep us safe in so many different ways
The wealthy at the top who walk the walk and make the huge donations that make a difference


Quilt Pixie said...

I have wondered about the shipping of quilts to Australia. I understand the desire to feel like we've "wrapped someone in love", but as you say, assisting the profit margin of the postal service instead of using that money productively for the care of those in need does seem wasteful...

I got a metal slinky every Christmas. By boxing day it would have a kink in it from running the stairs so often. I have a mini one on my sewing table that I regualrily play with much to my son's confusion! :-)

The Numismatist said...

Love the video! I have plastic slinkys here for the kids to play with.

Piecefulafternoon said...

Great idea about the donation. I see lots of well meaning people sending things through the mail and the postage would pay for so many more things.

I don't have a slinky - I want a slinky.

Anonymous said...

Mine is still in its box...right here by the computer. I remember getting one for Christmas and before the day was over my 2 yr old sister had kinked it before I even got to use it much, Boo Hoo.
I had wondered about the postage on sending things to Australia...I think you did a better thing.