March 3, 2009


I've been too busy to show progress on the quilts on the working wall, so I'll share one of my dream projects. We have a 10 acre farm where the 5th wheel is, I've featured a number of 'small space' quilting posts on that.

This was the view from my kitchen window east on February 28; we had a skiff of snow and low lying fog. The bovine ladies thought I was up Way too early for common sense.

My dream space is on the rear-most back northwest corner of the property. We can't build in that area because it lies within the 500 year flood plain. It is also the only really private area on the property. My goal is to make this my personal sanctuary. A place where I can read, dream, stitch, do my yoga practices, and simply commune with nature.

This pond will be rebuilding it's creature life this year, in December we had a flood which put the river water above the 39" fence behind the pond. I suppose what was washed out was probably replaced somewhat with whatever creatures were washed into it...The low spot in the center back is where my little space will be. I'll cut out a shallow 8'X8' space and lay in concrete building blocks even with the ground surface.

This little pond is also sanctuary to many types of migratory geese and ducks which are lovely to watch, and I often see blue dragonflies in the summer.
Anyway, perhaps sometime this coming summer I will have an After post to share.

Tuesday Thankies


Anonymous said...

I hope all is well...
I love the spot you have picked out for your own sanctuary.

Lady Farmer said...

Everyone needs a place of Sanctuary! Yours is beautiful.
Thanks for sharing it with us.

Pieceful Afternoon said...

Simply lovley - I see a little "someone" in the back - nice to have fairies visiting. I have a small grove in the back yard - we only have a tiny yard but the grove is very special. Deer have walked right up to it before they saw us - we cleared out a tiny sitting area in the middle of the grove - enchanting.

The Numismatist said...

Oh, what a beautiful place!

Grandma Shell said...

You are so fortunate to have a spot like that Sharyn. We have 10 acres also, but it's an old hay field. Pretty much a goldfish bowl LOL. We have one oak and several scattered small pines. Please keep us posted on your progress.