March 28, 2009

Monetize and Earth Hour

I'm underwhelmed by the newest link button in our Blogger dashboard, Monetize. On the other hand today's Earth Day observations can give one reason to hope that there is hope for the human race. Not much, but still...

Regarding Google's push for bloggers to Monetize I will admit that when I first thought about doing a blog my whole focus was on another stream of income. As a self-employed Jill of all trades, I'm always looking for new ideas. The first six months I worked on my first blog I could never come up with posts I was happy with, that I could also link to Amazon or wherever. In the end I nixed the whole idea, deleted all those posts and started afresh. I discovered I loved blogging and decided to dedicate that particular small part of my life to life and living, not commerce. I've never regretted it and with over 1000 blog posts between my blogs I've found it a very elegant way to clear my mind and open my heart.

I also love reading my favorites and seeking out new ones. But I never go back to the ones who have dozens of Monetize links in their posts or whose sidebar is full of ads. This is one area of my life I deliberately choose to keep commerce free. One small plug, great, more power to us all, but I'm not a shopper and I hate being marketed to.

Regarding the second annual Earth Hour. I am so touched and encouraged that cities and countries are participating, not just individuals like thee and me. Please feel free to click on the links in this paragraph and be uplifted, rather than regarded a shopping sheeple.

And to answer a few questions about my last post: Lynn asked how I line up top and bottom for basting. I always make sure the bottom layer is larger than the top by at least three inches. After checking to be sure they are squared up I fold each top in half and tack in a bright piece of yarn or heavy Perle before I lay them out they have a bright marker on all 4 center sides.
Then when I get the batting on the backing I fold the top in half according to those markers, line it up with the backing markers and then adjust the side markers as needed. Takes longer to say it than do it! I pin baste no further than 3-4 inches apart and so far it has worked beautifully.

Our resident numismatic (I have The Point winging it's way to me as we speak) asked if I've had my quilts appraised. Short answer, no. If they were lost I can always make another, better, and who can really put value on modern quilts? I have a whole-cloth quilt I kept track of my hand quilting time on and came in at just over 600 hours. Could I get 6-7,000 dollar for my quilts? Not hardly. I maintain a low profile and I think you have to have a name to command those dollars. I don't do for money what I do for fun. Life is too short to 'monetize' everything :)

And Linda has the best blog topper phrase I've seen, stop on over and meet the alpaca lady. I always appreciate comments, it is the best way to find new and interesting bloggers.

And my good friend Pam, clear across the world, but here in my heart, who charts her needlework progress from Australia. See, we can put all kinds of interesting links in our posts without marketing to our dear readers. Thank you all for stopping by, it is always a surprise!

edited to add on 4/4/09: I just realized I have links on my Quirkeries assured those links are for courtesy and appreciation of fair use copyright and credit to the artist and publisher. I receive zero anything in return.

Saturday Thankies
5 cows gone tomorrow
spring is upon us in the Pacific NW
Machine Quilting Unlimited magazine


Piecefulafternoon said...

Great post - fun blogs to visit. I love Linda's phrase too. She lives not too far from me - we are planning to get together for coffee and thrift shop invasion sometime. (I got the Dresden Plate blocks from her favorite thrift shop)

Linda B said...

I commend you for standing by your principles. I too was "tempted". For maybe three minutes. I'm having too much fun meeting new friends and learning.
Happy Earth Hour, and may every day be Green.

Grandma Shell said...

5 cows gone? OH YAY!!! I well remember the day 25 years ago+/- when the last of the 100 cows was loaded on the truck!! No moer cows for THIS Granny LOL
AND i just subscribed to MCU. I bought a previous issue and LOVED it.
About your post today... I guess I live too far out in the sticks to know what Monetizing is, OR Earth Day/Hour. I thought Monet was an artist LOL
I'm going to have to raid my mother's basement where her pattern stash is and at least get some pics of her 40s and 50s patterns. I always look forward to seeing what you have up there!!
Have you been to the blog of the Australian lady who does all sorts of wonderful things with selvedges? It's fantastic! I've got a grocery bag full now. To just quit making quilts for a bit and do something with them LOL
Have a great Saturday--what's left of it. Hope you're not drowning in the rain. It is really coming down over here.

Grandma Shell said...

Oh, duh! If I'd looked over at your Tidbits Drawer...there is the Selvage Blog right there, pretty as you please LOL
Hey! I'm a year older...getting addled LOL (And don't you DARE tell my family I said that!!)

The Numismatist said...

I have the "important" quilts appraised for insurance purposes only. In all my years of quilting I have only sold two and that barely covered the cost of supplies. My time in the lair is simply for my own pleasure.

The blog monetizing caught me by surprise as well. My blog is for family and friends, wherever they might be, and I don't want to insert dollars into those relationships.

The Numismatist said...

One more thing, did you get the Ringo Starr version of the Point or the newer guy (can't remember the name)? My favorite song is Think About Your Troubles. My grandaughter still requests it when it is naptime.

Total blizzard here this morning. I thought spring had arrived!

Bizarre Quilter said...

Yeah, I was suprised to see the "monetize" feature!! I wonder how many people will use it...