April 29, 2009

Hula Babe Anyone?

I've always thought of exercise as something weird that other people do...I'll sit in the porch and watch thank you. But then I discovered yoga last year and it felt like coming home, and gave me a new point of view. Exercise does not have to equal a stinky noisy gym, or running until pants wetting is imminent, or any of the other associated memories I have.

So I've been thinking about what else a 50-something could try that would be fun first and exercise second. Did you know that hula hooping has come into the 21st Century? So I've ordered a starter kit from Hoopnotica and am looking forward to owning my very first hula hoop of any kind. I also joined FaceBook yesterday...but I can't see that developing into anything interesting any time soon. There were only 26 people in my graduating class.

Edited to add the next day: I made Hoopnotica in the second paragraph a link for those that has asked about getting their own hoop. I ordered the beginners kit which comes with a well recommended set of DVD's, a hoop, and a ebook. It is 20% off plus I also did a web search for Hoopnotica coupon and got another $5.00 off.

I do have a yoga instructor but I do most of my yoga with DVDs and it works very well for me because it isn't very often I can make a specific class time. So I figure hooping will be the same. Hope that helps! I'd love to have a hooping buddy.

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Piecefulafternoon said...

So will we see youtube movies of you doing the hula hoop? Oh I hope so.

Sharyn said...

I laughed till the tears squirted at the very thought! I've already gotten confirmation my hoop shipped today! Look out world, swingin' hips on the way~ Sharyn

The Numismatist said...

Good luck with the hula! I also am looking forward to a video clip on this blog. Please don't deny us! I'll provide the Orville Redenbackers!

Haven't tried yoga. I can't imagine that form of activity would prove very lucrative. And isn't that what exercise all about???

Linda B said...

Ya know, I was a real whiz at the hoop as a kid. But I cannot get that durn thing to stay up now for anything. I mean, a starter kit? Does it come with a video? If you can do it, so can I. Let me know. I'm up for the challenge. And hey, they make them so pretty now.

Sommer said...

Well, perhaps you could find me on facebook ;-)

Sharyn said...
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