April 3, 2009

Cat Quilting

I was trimming blocks on the dining table at our 5th wheel...and our beautiful cat Conway was the recipient of some of the fly away Orts. I cringe when I see Eleanor Burns throwing scraps over her shoulder. I wonder if she really does that away from the camera...

Looks like he was working up the energy to think about doing something when he went to sleep doesn't it.

Are there any two more go-together things than cats and quilts?

Friday Thankies
Work is finished for the week
Our clean clear safe water that shows up at the tap like magic


Piecefulafternoon said...

Silly cat - our cat used to lie down and not move if the sky fell - she was a good sleeper.

Sue McGettigan said...

He he, there's a whole site devoted to pics like this, you should send this one in, it's called 'stuff on my cat' :)