April 19, 2009

WhereYaBeen, WatchaBeenDoing?

Spring has sprung and my commitment to keep my in-laws in their home means the farm goes into full tilt...but the weather has really been glorious for the work~
White wash the fruit FIL planted this when he was 80. Quite optimistic the family said as they smiled behind their hands... he is now 91 and his 30 fruit trees and honey bee apiary there in the back are the pride of his days. And he still gets up on the ladder to prune and trim and thin.
Paint I go around the orchard on the driveway side.
Their little front yard needs mowed of course...and my little doggies love the big Douglas Fir tree for shade.
The asparagas spears are coming up like mad...along with the weeds.
Rob gets a head start on spraying the driveways...weeds are what all farms grow best.
I did get three more candlewick blocks finished in the early mornings and late evenings~
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The Numismatist said...

Wonderful post. It made me smile.
Thank you!

Piecefulafternoon said...

Wow - and I thought getting the lawn mowed and weed whacked was a great accomplisment.

Linda B said...

Aaahhh, another farmer who can appreciate what I do every day. I'm off to gather moss for my flower baskets. Then I need to plant and dye some fiber, and do some sewing, and spray for weeds. Yay!