April 5, 2009

Candlewick Summer Spread

My summer candlewick spread is progressing nicely! In fact I've finished three more blocks since I took this photo last week. As designed, these are 17" blocks but there are another couple of inches of muslin around the registration marks for trimming and I may trim them to about 18.5".

The summer candlewick spread this will replace shown in this post last July was done on whole cloth so when the candlewicking was finished the top was ready to use. As mine will have inner seams it needs to be backed so I'll make a quilt back in lighter/neutral colors so they don't shade through and then quilt the layers. I will have to do some samples...the quilting may look very odd to the eye with no batting, but since the point is a summer spread batting is the last thing I want to introduce.

I may also introduce some companionable sashing to the candlewick side. That part is still on the working wall of my mind. If it is successfully executed I think I may do a number of top/back no batting combos. Saves space and money and rather than just one spread for the hot months I'd have a variety. After all, my quilts are intended to be used. Used up is even OK, I can always make more and I have lots of cold weather quilts.

Palm Sunday Thankies
My Rob will be home for a little while today!
70 degrees!
Someone to eat a meal with!


Piecefulafternoon said...

That is lovely - as is the other one. 70 degrees - I want some of that - they are saying only about 63 up here - and yet we are not that far away from you. I've never tried candlewicking, but a friend used to make pillows with it - she was fast too.

Anonymous said...

The quilting looks different without wadding in the sandwich, but I like it, and it works well in summer. Should be more quilts made like it, especially if global warming keeps up!

Karen said...


The Numismatist said...

Sharyn, that is going to be gorgeous!

Catherine said...

Gorgeous! So summery, makes one think of a whitewashed cottage by the water's edge somewhere.

Bizarre Quilter said...

Wow! You've done heaps. Me? I could never make so many blocks the same...I am a one-block-wonder myself!! LOL!!

Rose Marie said...

What a fabulous idea and love your blocks!