April 22, 2009

Hey chick, what's your sign?

Springtime and the young farmer's mind turns once again to ... baby chicks! Ten little black sex-link chicks, home again home again in their little Del's Farm Store donut box; now ensconced in a marvelous 60 year old brooder chamber.

One cool beans improvement is we now have the option of chick feed that has their medicine in it, rather than the messy business of stirring it into their water each day. That will make things a lot more simple for my dear FIL with his short term memory problems.

Wednesday Thankies
Getting to see my Seattle sister-in-law for awhile
All the lawns are mowed
Mark the RV repair guy who does honest work for honest pay


Linda B said...

Ooooooooh, here chick chick. That's gotta be fun. I love driving around the county looking at all the new babies appearing in the pastures. My first arrives mid May. My favorite part of alpaca breeding; the arrival of the new crias.

Grandma Shell said...

We got the first egg Friday from the chicks Keith bought in November. Yay! And his little Banties have moved out with the teenager chicks. Your place looks so well-kept. Great job your doing!