May 6, 2009

Selvage Envy, Or You Saw It Here First

I'll Fess Up. The subject of quilter's fabric selvages and projects is like a smashed thumbnail that I keep bumping up against. It's all I can do to get my own blogs tended to before I dash over to Selvage Blog and see what Karen Griska has unearthed this week. Because I've been a passionate quilter for nearly 40 years and until I saw her blog it never once crossed my mind to save all those literal miles of selvages I've cut off and pitched.

Now, I am glad I haven't been that kind of pack rat, that way lies madness and probably divorce. But...if only...sigh.

On the same subject but in a different vein, today I've been making cards, I owe about ten people thank yous and birthdays and just becauses. I'm in a funky kind of mood today, the kind of day when you don't comb your hair and might possibly be seen in the post office with your bunny slippers on. So I've been using a kind of aged and distressed packet of paper...and look what I found!! Paper selvages!! My mind is boiling with ideas! Dear Cindy, my long time Facets Friend, and baby of our group, our star that has lost about 100 pounds, is a primo quilter, and is now sending out book manuscripts to editors that I expect to recognize her talent; Happy Birthday and here is the very first paper selvage card, tea dyed even. It will shortly be in your mail box. Quilter's drool envelope and all~

Wednesday Thankies
I'm not too old to have brain farts
Afternoon sun
The American Goldfinches are back (Think Snoopy's friend Woodstock. They really do fly like that.)


Anonymous said...

Oh Dear! Now you have started something! Scrap booking will never be the same again!
Beautiful card ..... wish my name was Cindy!
Judy B

Piecefulafternoon said...

My oh My the things you do come up with. I've got more than enough to try and do without a new project - now cut that out!!! :-)

Sue McGettigan said...

This is just sheer genius, I'm a paper crafter and a fabric gal, and I can't wait to look at my paper selvages with a new eye. I save 'em with no idea of how to use 'em (yes, I am mad). Thanks for sharing such a fun idea!