September 13, 2008

Oddball thread storage No. 2

As noted below, we live in an A-frame so we have had to be creative about wall decor and storage. This is my answer for my 40 weight embroidery thread. You can see the angle of the big beam. So we made a three sided normal frame and one side is the angle of the beam.

We drilled the shelves and put in dowels to hold the thread and used just one nail on each end of the shelves so they can be tipped a little bit. I need to stand on a stool to reach the top two shelves but this is very practical storage, as again I can see what I have and what I need at a glance. These also have thread wraps for dust protection but glass doors would work great too if the skill and time were available to make them. We used the same oak strips as in the cotton thread storage below.

Saturday blessings:
Pine cones
Corn on the cob

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Bizarre Quilter said...

I love it! Well, glass doors would need windexing all the time. With the dust covers you can just flick your purple feather duster over them... and they are beautiful as well as useful.

FLYlady would be impressed, as am I.

re: hard copy. Thanks for your comment. you can see a larger picture of the mystery quilt on the sidebar of my blog. The pattern is from lidlfish.blogspot