September 29, 2008


I'm on two yahoo quilt lists with very busy quilters. As opposed to the lists with quilters who aren't busy, except for reading lists... Anyway one thing I've noticed in the many wonderful project photos is the problem of where to hang a quilt for photography? So I thought I'd show you my system, it might trigger some ideas for you. I've mentioned before that we live in an A-Frame which creates a lot of decor problems, but for this idea it was perfect. We have an open loft in the upstairs which overlooks the living/dining area. In photo one I'm in the living room looking up at the loft overhang. Photo 2 is also from the living room looking up and back at the overhang. I bought long length of clothes closet wooden rod and cut it to 8.5 foot, figuring 102" is more than enough width to hang any quilt I might make. It just sits up there quietly minding it's own business until needed and has made quilt photography a very easy task. No more hands, feet, and foreheads holding up a sagging piece of art.

I know not too many people have a hidey-hole like mine but a nice drapery rod could achieve the same purpose, or like Pat here, who has used one of those wood clamp hanger on a kitchen wall. Great place for ever changing wall quilts, and then just pop in the one you need a photo of, easy peasy. Something to think about...

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Numismatist Facts said...

I haven't had a finish for a long time so this hasn't been a problem for me! However, last year I often used my photography backdrop stands to hang my quilts.

Do you always keep a quilt hanging from the loft banister? I see one in the photo.