September 11, 2008

A funny little project for those upholstery samples

Oh those glorious upholstery and drapery sample books, what quilter worth his or her name hasn't glommed on to a pile of them, a very heavy pile I might add. And then they get shoved in the back of the beyond because they don't really have much fabric in them and the prettiest ones have stock information on heavy paper glued to the top and the bottom and it just seems too much work to clean them up. Yes. I see you. Blushing and slinking off. Because we are all cut from the same cloth. I pitched mine years ago, beautiful as the fabrics were. Took up too much space and became a millstone about my neck.

But... I did do a few projects with the tapestry type ones. Three foot stools, and this little switch plate cover in my quilt room. Dead simple to make and probably didn't take 15 minutes. Try it...with any of your deluxe fabric, then fling or donate those heavy books, lighten your load! The heavier fabrics you can just pull tight and use glue gun or tacky glue, thinner quilting fabrics you can do the same or decoupage for a shinier effect.

Blessings for today:
Jan Karon's Mitford books
A birthday approaching and I welcome it
Stunningly gorgeous autumn day


Bizarre Quilter said...

Yeeeeees, I have some. But I already flung out a lot of them... (what a good word, flung).

I kept some to make er... and um....

oh yeah! to make a Mary Poppins bag!

Sharyn said...

Mary Poppins bag...yeah right...:-)