September 20, 2008

Harry Potter Hogwarts Quilt

I saw the greatest site today, this lady is putting up paper-pieced blocks for a quilt based on the Harry Potter series, way too cute to be legal. I won't be making one but I know quilters would will!

We used the tablecloth grocery bags yesterday, (see post below) for us I'd give it a 10 and I got compliments from everyone in line. While we were waiting for out turn though I got to observe the checker dealing with the bags other people had brought in... not a pretty sight. We were at Fred Meyers, I'll watch now and see how the other stores in the area are handling the problem. Everyone seems to have different types of bags, all with different styles and configurations of handles and fabrics. This check-stand doesn't have any way of coping with that so the checkers must hold the bag open with one hand, while scanning and filling with the other. It is quite awkward for them and Really slows the process down.

When I got up there for my turn I talked to her about it and asked if Fred's (now owned by Kroger's) had any plans in the tube for setting them up better, as most consumers figure before too long the stores will stop offering bags. She said all they checkers are sending in opinions and ideas but for now it really is a nuisance because it slows down the line so bad. A different view of using reusable grocery bags I'd not considered. One way we could help is to have our bags completely unfolded and lying flat over the end of the cart. They certainly shouldn't have to unsnap, untie, unfold...which is what I saw happening yesterday.

On the other hand I had a real brain fart on what to do with my little bit of left over tablecloth fabric. Stay tuned~

Weekend gratitudes:
A Tempur-Pedic mattress...Bliss times 100
Friends who care
Sunflower seeds and the creatures who enjoy them


Bizarre Quilter said...

I made my own Harry inspired quilt before any of the movies came out (for personal use only!!). It includes a maze as the triwizard tournament was in the most recent book, so that means it includes pictures inspired by 4 books. Fun!!

Numismatist Facts said...

I haven't done any paper piecing so that one is out for me.

When I am at the grocery store I usually do my own bagging. The reusable bags are wonderful but awkward, and I hate to be the one holding up the line. Another benefit, I leave the store knowing that my bananas and grapes are on the top, not underneath the canned goods.
Don't you love how much these bags can hold?