September 30, 2008

Hung, Redux

Numismatically Speaking said: Do you always keep a quilt hanging from the loft banister?I do complicated quilts so am amazed when someone says they finished 10 quilts this week or whatever :). If I were in a hurry Wal-Mart has blankets for $10.00...
I have quilts hanging all over. Most of my smallish wall quilts were exercises in learning or refining a technique. These are the quilts on display on the loft rail currently (badly combined into one image). The two on the ends are a folded technique involving a base plus 2-5 additional layers. The one in the center is out of ladies hankies with a folded technique much like the paper things we used to put on our fingers that opened and closed with our fortune.

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Karen said...

Ten quilts in a week and Wal Mart made my day!

I can't imagine making quilts at such a speed. Where is the enjoyment in that? Sometimes when reading blogs (the 10 quilts a week kind of blogs), I wonder if they quilt so fast just to feed the blog. I say, feed yourself first. Enjoy!

Numismatist Facts said...

That is great! I am criticized often because I don't display my quilts at all. Even in my lair the only one hanging is an Amish quilt that I picked up in Penn.

I do have one of my quilts on the guest bed but the one on our bed is a Hawaiian quilt that I ordered years ago. I have fabric to do one for our bed but just haven't done it.

I'm with you about the ten quilts a day. The only way I could do that would be tied and birthed. Even a baby quilt that is pieced and MQ takes about 12-15 hours, and I think I'm pretty fast.

Pieceful Afternoon said...

I love your display - I have some of my quilts displayed - not many - but use lots on the three beds in our house - and have given many as gifts. I make slow, complicated, bed size quilts and I enjoy the whole process - from getting the pattern - or usually making adjustments or making up my own design - to the final binding. It is a long trip - but oh so enjoyable.

Bizarre Quilter said...

Yeah, I have been on a finishing spree, but that's doing 4 bindings because Mum quilted the tops for me. The tops took a while to do.

I like the planning, the auditioning of fabric, the thinking...

On the other hand, I need to do a quick baby quilt. Does that count?

One of my most recent finishes took me 4 months just for the applique, and that was working on it almost non-stop!!

I love to see your quilts hanging. Could we please have close-ups? I would love to hear about the techniques.

cindyquiltsOR said...

I haven't made a bed sized quilt since the 70's ... and those were purely utility to keep warm.

Quilting is geometry to me, I love playing with the numbers and angles. I make a lot of orphan blocks, send them to a charity, and try another technique.

I am interested in the folded blocks you have mentioned.