September 27, 2008


Progress... I've got to stop and make a wad more 9 patch feet now. Great forward movement today and another design refinement. Normally I use all mixed neutrals, and I did with the basket handle backgrounds, but I had this big length of neutral I was going to use for sashing, and then I had to double the sashing amounts in order to incorporate the 9 patches for basket feet. Errm...I haven't got enough of the sashing neutral to do the whole queen size quilt so I'm going for the size of the mattress top and then I'll use something else for the four drop areas.

Designing by the seat of my pants always lands me in these situations, but my quilts always end up all the more interesting...or peculiar...considering everything comes from stash.
Edited Sunday...A name for this top came to me this morning when I was telling Rob all the different design changes I've had to come up with to make this quilt. Gigolo: Because it just lays there and lets me do all the work. That will change when it is on the bed~ so no more 1800's Repro Thingie Quilt. I christen thee Gigolo.

Saturday Gratitude's:
Flags in the wind
How computer heal themselves; would that we could reboot ever couple of days
The richness yoga has brought to my life this year


Debbi said...

It's looking great! Love the setting that you decided on for these baskets. It seems fitting for the repro fabrics that you do like those of that era would have and make do with what is in your stash, the differing backgrounds will be perfect.

Jeanne said...

I love your basket quilt! You're making great progress with it. Keep stitching those blocks.

Bizarre Quilter said...

Sharyn, you are so clever! Substitute what hangs over the sides! I wouldn't have thought of that.. before...
I love the whole substitute thing. I am about to start a quilt (ARGH! I know!) starting with 2 fat quarters, my stash, and a darned good idea!

Sharyn said...

I have all the componets made now for the 'top' top, I had 13" of the neutral left :-) No sweat, right? Sharyn

zquilts said...

I'm not sure but this may be one of the most awesome looking almost quilts I've ever seen !